Tips on Choosing a Tree Service Company

Are you looking for a tree service company and seem to have no idea on where to start? Then, you are at the right place as this article tries to address this issue. For you to have proper tree service, you need to work with a competent company. There are so many things that may define a good tree company and a number of facts are essential when it comes to the choice of such a company.



Permissible Insurance

First and foremost, find out about the permissible insurance that the company holds. This should not only be a verbal discussion, but one that is accompanied by physical evidence. You should scrutinize the insurance to ensure that it is up to date and from an authentic insurance company. This is paramount before the work commences, as this is the policy that would cover any liabilities that may be as a result of accidents during the work.

Safety Equipment

The other tip that you can make use of, in your search for a tree company, is the safety standards. Have a candid and detailed discussion with the company so as to understand their commitment to safety matters. This can be demonstrated by the equipment and safety gear that they have. Safety should extend from the tree service company to the people who are in the vicinity. You should never compromise on safety matters.

All Agreements Should Be In Writing

It is very easy to get carried away and make oral agreements with the tree service company. However, verbal agreements are not binding and may not suffice in the case of a legal issue. You should have a written contract that highlights all the key issues that pertain to the project. There should be a clear time frame as well as the cost breakdown. You should have the mode of payment indicated as well, so as to avoid any last-minute changes.

Compare Prices

Compare what different tree companies charge for their service. You should be cautious of companies that charge extremely low prices as they may give you a raw deal. You need to check out a number of reputable companies so as to determine what would be a reasonable rate to pay.

Finding tree companies should not be a daunting task, if you choose to follow the few tips that are shared here. As long as you can find a reliable tree company, then you can be sure of having great and healthy trees all year around.

How to Find the Right Local Tree Company

Irrespective of where you live, you must have at least a tree on your property. While trees are known to have countless benefits, there are times when you will have to either cut down part or the whole tree. When this time comes, you will need to find a professional expert to carry out this task. There are so many advertisements from numerous tree removal companies and this can be quite confusing. In order to make it easier for you, let us look at some of the key areas that you need to pay attention to when looking for a tree service company:

Experience Level

This can be deduced from testimonials and previous projects that the company has handled in the past. You will want a company with a great level of experience in trees as well as the use of the tools and machinery. There are many tools that are involved and if a person does not know how to operate them, they can cause serious injuries.

Type of Tools

The second bit that you need to shift your focus to, is the type of tools that the company has invested in. The secret in getting the work done fast and easy is having the right tools. Some tasks like stump grinding require the use of stump grinders and other special tools. This is the only way that the process will be fast and efficient. Be wary of a tree removal company that does not seem to have the right equipment and tools for the task.

License and Insurance

Check to see if the company has a contractor’s license that is valid in your state. This is one of the minimum requirements to show that a company is qualified to handle different tree services. In addition, you should also find out about their bonding and insurance. At the bare minimum, the company needs to have workers compensation and general liability insurance policies. This excludes you from any liability during the tree removal process.

You need to be conversant with the reputation of the tree service company. Go for a company that offer more value for your money, like clean up services. Tree services are quite diverse and it would be ideal to find a company that offers a full range of tree services, as a package. Use these tips and you can be sure of getting the best local tree removal company.


Do You Really Have to Hire a Qualified Arborist?

This world would be a mess without trees as they offer so many benefits. One of the key advantages is that trees will help in the purification of air. If you have trees on your property, you will need to take proper care so as to reap maximum benefits. There are instances that you will be forced to remove the trees from your yard. At this point, it is only reasonable to work with a professional arborist. If you are not sure why you need to work with a professional, here are some reasons:

  • Avoid Injuries


Tree removal is a risky job and may cause serious injuries if you choose to do it by yourself. There are many dangers that are bound to happen when removing trees, even if you have the most powerful machines and tools. The very operation of the tools is a disaster waiting to happen for rookies. However, when you hire a qualified tree company, you will be able to have the work completed without any injuries or accidents.


  • Complete Tree Removal


Some homeowners are stuck with stumps in their yard as a result of having the work half done. When you have extremely large trees, it is essential to have the process carried through to the end and this is only done by the professional companies. You will have the tree and the stumps removed completely. Even if you wanted some land clearance services, the only definite way to achieve this is by working with a certified arborist.


  • Hauling and Clean Up


The other benefit of working with a professional arborist is the fact that they will offer clean up services as well. The tree will be cut down into smaller pieces, which are manageable. You can ask them to spare some firewood for your personal use as they haul away the other waste materials. At the end of the process, your landscape will be appealing, with no debris laying around.

There you have it, there are many advantages and reasons why you need to hire a qualified tree company. You should check out their licenses and permits so as to be sure that you are working with a reputable company. In addition, ask for their insurance details so as to avert any liability, in the event of a hazard during the tree removal process. You will have no regrets as long as you can hire a reputable arborist.

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What Services Can I Get From Tree Removal Companies?

There are certain things that really get on our nerves, not knowing where to run to, for help. A good number of tree service companies have come into existence, yet some of us do not use them as we do not know what services they offer. Here are some of the key services that you can expect from a tree company:

  • Tree Planting and Care

This is the very basic service that a tree company should offer. While this may sound like an easy task, it takes a whole lot for one to succeed. Most tree companies have tree arborists who will analyze your soil and ensure that they plant trees that will grow in a healthy manner. Besides planting the trees, such experts will tend to the trees so as to propagate proper growth of the trees. Instead of struggling to plant trees that may not get to maturity, why don’t you contact the local tree service company?

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning

As the trees keep growing, they may end up becoming a potential hazard. This will happen when you have branches that are overhanging and overstretching. The best remedy for this is to trim the longer branches and limbs. Since you may not have the required experience and expertise, you may end up damaging your trees. It is therefore prudent to hire a qualified tree service company for such tasks. These are tree removal services that need special skills and tools.

  • Disease and Pest Control

While trees are, generally, known to have a good immune system, there are instances when they may not be able to withstand some pests and diseases. The only way that you can be able to detect this is when you have an expert evaluating and inspecting the trees. Whenever some diseases and pests are detected, the affected parts will be cut off from the trees. This is a cure and a preventative measure, as well, as it will prevent further spreading of the diseases.

  • Tree Removal

This is the last resort when every other technique has been tried to salvage the tree and failed. Tree removal is not only hard work, but is also quite dangerous. This should be left to the experts only so as to avert dangers and potential hazards.

These are some of services that you can expect from any reputable tree company. Columbus GA